Monique Risch Botanical Prints

Art Director to fine artist

My background as a professional art director and graphic designer translates easily into the fiber arts as I search for hidden colors, create abstract forms from nature, and develop textures from plants onto fabric or paper. Coaxing dye from native plants is an ongoing process and I owe so much to Irit Dulman who has taught me her secrets along with the understanding that there is potential in all plants to print.

For the last 8 years I have been traveling and learning about natural dyes and botanical printing and every year lead workshops in the newest techniques in botanical Eco-Printing and modern Shibori. These workshops are for  the beginner as well as providing inspiration to the advanced fiber artists. 

Along with local Sonoma plant leaves, seeds and flowers I would love to travel to the Amazon rain forest, southern France, and Norway to gather the local flora and create botanical prints that tell the story of that area. Those collections will be offered for sale in large scale as well as small fine art pieces.

In 2017, the California wildfires destroyed our lovely home on Wikiup in Santa Rosa and this year we purchased a coastal property in Sea Ranch California where my current studio is located.